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Stop stressing and wasting time on trying to figure out all this Website Design & Social Media stuff! Instead, stay focused on your business and branding messages and let Blue Butterfly Marketing take care of it for you!


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Affordable Website Design

We design all of our clients website and blogs on the best platform...Wordpress! We chose Wordpress because the search engines love and it's very easy for our clients to maintain.  We offer packages that will meet any budget and all of our packages include maintenance training.
Baltimore social media services

Social Media Made Easy

If you're wondering if Social Media Marketing is worth your time or if it's right for your business...well, the verdict is in and we 100% believe that social media is one of the BEST ways to drive repeat business and to attract new customers.  No matter what your experience or knowledge is with Social Media -- we're here to help.
Baltimore social media services

Out Of The Box Marketing

It is time to take your marketing initiatives to the NEXT LEVEL. If you are not already using Mobile Marketing to generate repeat and new business...You are missing out on an opportunity to make MORE MONEY! Blue Butterfly Marketing specializes in mobile marketing campaigns and can get you up and running in no time. Click HERE to get started TODAY!