7 Reason To Use Video Marketing

I have written many articles to coach business owners, bloggers, and networkers and have offered a lot of tips about various online marketing techniques that include: article marketing, blogging, forum marketing, and video marketing, and I get asked about the effectiveness of video marketing for the traditional business. My answer is…..YES! It sure is… and what I want to present are reasons why you should include video marketing in your campaigns to get more customers coming through your door.

Video, video. These are all everywhere on the net. Take advantage of the tools available and get into the trend. It is effective.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should have video in your websites and have links for them.

  1. You Tube is free and is the most widely-used video website. You can easily capture, upload and watch videos here. It is a reliable and powerful tool to let the world know that you exist and you have something exciting to tell them. The site is credible and it is owned by Google…that’s why it is so powerful.

  1. Video recording is simple. Gone are the days when you have to buy the bulky video camera and tripod to record video and manipulate so many controls….ohhh…they are still here, yes….but those are for videography businesses….Your purpose is a simple recording…And with your webcam, it has now become easy. Just one click on the capture or record button and there you go, the camera is rolling…smile…:)

  1. Video improves your level of relationship with your viewers. The factors of knowing, liking and trusting you become high with your sincere move to show yourself, and talk to them. It is a great move to reach them and can possibly establish a deeper level of relationship, as they continue to see you talk to them. The bond that cannot be easily established by email is made possible with video marketing.

  1. Video is instant. Anytime you are ready to say something, you can just click that button and there you go, in a few minutes, you are communicating to the world. That is so cool!

  1. Be seen anytime. This is the amazing power of technology. If people at one side of the world are sleeping, people at the other side are wide awake ready to watch you on their screens. So, even when you sleep, you reach people and you can tell them what you want to share with them. Amazing!

  1. Video is efficient. Why would you not use a tool that will not cost you a penny to upload your video? Most video upload sites are free. Why don’t you take advantage of it? Come on….write, record and upload….for free!

  1. Multimedia is the trend and video will never be gone. It will never leave the scene. It works effectively. It’s more than just the sense of sight that works.  When you see and hear something, the retention and absorption rate becomes high. Hence, it can expedite the closing of the sale. This the best part of it all!

Get into video marketing and watch the changes it can create for your business!

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