Are you ready for the Facebook Timeline? If not, you better get ready because ready or not, come March 30th all of the Facebook Fanpages will be converted to the new timeline and all landing page features will go away and this can be very serious for many business owners. In this article I will outline some of the major changes that facebook has made to the fanpages so that you can better prepare.

The changes in my opinion are for the better but lots of online marketers disagree. I think change is good and those who adapt and accept the change sooner than later will reap the benefits of the new facebook fanpage timeline.



The greatest change that is going to affect the usage of the popular Facebook fanpage is the replacement of the usual default landing page with a cover page or cover image. The major difference between the default landing page and the cover page is that you are no longer allowed to entice your fans to click the Like button and then reward them with a special benefit such as a coupon code, or unique content or even an e-book just for fans. The new stipulated dimensions for the new timeline page cover photo are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. It’s a wonderful place to showcase photographs and graphics pertaining to your brand/business. You will notice that the possibilities are endless in this new Facebook cover photo when you start utilizing all the features.



FACEBOOK has made a significant change in their fan page profile picture. The profile picture use to have the ability to extend down the left side of the fanpage similar to a skyscraper banner, but with the recent changes, the profile picture is only 180 x 180 pixels and it’s great size for your business logo or personal image.


Facebook now has a feature that allows you to add different events, stories, etc to your timeline as a milestone. You can place whatever date you want on the milestones. This is perfect for a company that has been in business for many years because you can showcase the history of your company all the way from the beginning on your timeline. This type of feature is really key to any business that wants to show creditably and years of tenor.


The highlighting feature is one of my favorite new changes that facebook made to the fan pages. With the highlight feature, you can expand post to your time line and make them extremely huge; it expands your update so that it will take up the full width of your page and whatever you post like a picture, video, event flyer, etc will be HUGE. Talk about marketing on steroids.


Now, this is another fabulous favorite feature of mine….Pinning!

Pinning allows you to pick any update and “pin” it to the top of your timeline. However, you can only have one status pinned at a time. Once that update is pinned, it will stay on the top of the timeline for 7 days before falling below new status updates in your timeline. Although the feature is similar to Pinterest, you should know that it’s not Facebook and Pinterest integration.


The Admin panel has been updated and actually you have access to it immediately upon entering your page. In the admin panel you will have some of the same abilities as before but several new changes



No more wondering how to get in contact with the owner of fanpage. The new fanpages now have a feature where the fans can send a message to the page owner right on the fanpage instead of posting their message on the timeline wall. This feature has both its pros and cons but I think more pros.

Syvella Brantley of Blue Butterfly Marketing will be giving in dept review of all the new Facebook Fanpage Changes on Saturday, March 25th at the REIA NYC Social Media Integration for Real Estate Investors workshop. To attend this event click HERE.  

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