facebook highlighting

Are you ready for the Facebook Timeline? If not, you better get ready because ready or not, come March 30th all of the Facebook Fanpages will be converted to the new timeline and all landing page features will go away and this can be very serious for many business owners. In this article I will […]

7 Reason To Use Video Marketing

video marketing

I have written many articles to coach business owners, bloggers, and networkers and have offered a lot of tips about various online marketing techniques that include: article marketing, blogging, forum marketing, and video marketing, and I get asked about the effectiveness of video marketing for the traditional business. My answer is…..YES! It sure is… and […]

Social Media In Full Effect

In today’s world using the Internet has become a valuable way to be able to connect to people and pass the time. Businesses and people use the form of social media to promote and advertise their business and it is a great way to get their information to people on a larger scale. This media […]