Timeline Coming To Facebook Fanpages – A Totally New Look!

Facebook Fanpage Is Now A Timeline!!

Facebook is making some serious changes to the Fanpage feature and will cause many business owners and marketers to adjust their marketing campaigns.

Facebook is implementing the the Timeline on their Fanpages which is just like the regular profile pages. On March 30, 2012 all Fanpages will be converted to the new look. facebok fanpage

So, here are some of the major changes we noticed:

  • Non-Fan/Fan feature is gone so no more offers to convince people to like your page.
  • So, instead of the landing page and tabs, you only have 851×351 pixel photo known as the ”cover photo” and it’s not clickable
  • You can now add milestones to their timeline and you can feature a post and put in larger images.
  • The Facebook pages also allows you to hide individual posts without deleting them. This allows pages to display only its most engaging posts without losing important data.

These changes I am sure has shook up some business owners because they invest money in to landing pages to capturing leads and to generate more website traffic on Facebook and with this new timeline on the Fanpages….ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED!!

Blue Butterfly Marketing is ready for the change and will assist you with designing your Cover Image for the new Facebook Fanpage Timeline.

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